Sonax Premium Class Carnauba Wax

Sonax premium class carnauba wax combines the beauty and protective properties of genuine carnauba wax with the durability of silicone ingredients to make one high gloss, highly effective car wax. Sonax premium class carnauba wax will make your vehicle look fantastic and, most importantly, it will keep it that way with quality paint protection.

Sonax premium class carnauba wax is made with real carnauba wax, the finest natural protectant known to man. With its high melting point and natural UV resistance, carnauba wax is a natural choice for car wax. Genuine carnauba wax is the only wax found in Sonax premium class carnauba wax. Sonax premium class carnauba wax enhances any color or type of paint, whether it's a conventional clear coat or a scratch-resistant ceramic clear coat. The high level of protection will keep your vehicle looking cleaner with a deep, lasting shine. Sonax premium class carnauba wax reduces the adhesion of insects to the paint to keep your vehicle cleaner longer. The silky smooth paint will feel as good as it looks Sonax premium class carnauba wax is free of fragrances and contains no artificial filler waxes. Only 100% carnauba is found in every jar Sonax added silicone components to increase the carnauba's workability and longevity. Therefore, you get all the benefits of a carnauba paste wax but in an easy-to-apply formula. Plus, Sonax premium class carnauba wax is hypoallergenic. It can be applied with your bare hands.

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