SONAX Profiline Polymer Net Shield - 75ml

SONAX Polymer Net Shield is a polymer based sealant that creates a bonded layer of protection agains the elements. The application is quick and easy; takes only 15 minutes to treat a medium-sized vehicle. The sealant achieves excellent water repellency for up to six (6) months. Apply with SONAX Application Sponge.

As soon as the contents are exposed to oxygen, the hybrid polymers immediately begin to cross-link and harden.

Ease of application! Thanks to its aerosol packaging, Sonax Polymer Net Shield takes just minutes to apply. Simply spray Sonax Polymer Net Shield directly onto the surface or onto a foam applicator spread evenly and buff off to reveal a reflective, glass-like shine.

  • Up to 6 months paint protection.

NOTE: Do not use on hot surfaces and do not let the product dry on. If the product has dried, it can be removed by re-applying additional product. Keep from freezing.

75ML Size contains enough product for 1 average size vehicle. Net Shield is also available in a larger size can. 

Type: Coatings

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