Sonax Leather Care Kit

SONAX LEATHER CARE FOAM: For cleaning and care of car seats, interior fittings, motorbike leathers, furniture and other components made from smooth leather. It removes dirt, oil and grease while simultaneously making the leather extremely supple. Real beeswax ensures long-term protection. It contains no dyes and can be used with leather of all colours. The foam is ideal for vehicles with heated seats and for perforated leather surfaces. With leather fragrance.

  • Leather cleaning and care based on nanotechnology.
  • For car leathers, motorbike leathers, bags, furniture and other components made from smooth leather.
  • Contains no dyes – suitable for leather of any colour. With leather scent and UV protection.
  • Premium Carnauba wax and beeswax waterproofs and protects against resoiling
  • Silicone free – gives the leather greater grip; treated surfaces do not become slippery

Ergonomic cleaning brush for the dry and wet cleaning of textiles and for the thorough and gentle cleaning of smooth leather surfaces. 

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