Sonax Insect Remover - 500ml

Sonax Insect Remover is a solvent-free surface cleaner that effectively penetrates and loosens stubborn insect residue, making it easy to remove. Sonax Insect Remover is formulated without harsh solvents, acids, or butyl ethers, making it safe for virtually all exterior surfaces including paint, glass, chrome, and plastics. 

Insect residue and bug guts are a problem that plagues all car care enthusiasts. Insect remains are acidic, meaning they can easily etch your clear coat if not properly removed in a timely manner. Sonax formulated Insect Remover to be a surface-safe formula that penetrates and loosens insect residue, making it effortless to remove. In most instances, you won’t even have to scrub the surface! 


  • Ensure surface is cool to the touch. 
  • Spray Sonax Insect Remover directly onto the surface. 
  • Let sit for 3-5 minutes for maximum penetration. 
  • If necessary, gently agitate area with sonax bug sponge. 
  • Thoroughly rinse area and proceed to wash the car like you normally would
  • Special cleaner for quick and gentle removal of insect residue
  • Suitable for windows, headlamps and all paintwork, chrome and plastic surfaces
  • Ideal for use before every car wash

Type: Cleaners

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