Sonax Hybrid Liquid Wax - 500ml

Sonax nanotechnology liquid wax is formulated with the highest quality ingredients and produced under the strictest quality standards set forth by Mercedes Benz and BMW. With nano-sized carnauba wax particles, Sonax nanotechnology liquid wax forms a shield that protects auto paint from scratches and abrasions, discoloration, fading and cracking. And the shine is fantastic!

The carnauba wax in Sonax nanotechnology liquid wax is the finest available. It is broken down to extremely fine (nano) particles to penetrate the smallest holes and cavities on your vehicle’s surface, producing the ultimate in long-lasting protection from harsh environmental elements. Added ingredients stabilize the wax particles to prevent them from reforming larger particles.

Sonax nanotechnology liquid waxcan be applied by hand or with a polisher. Sonax nanotechnology liquid wax takes 40% less time to apply and remove than conventional waxes. Use a damp applicator to spread a thin layer of product over each section. Allow the wax to dry for 20 minutes. No rubbing or polishing is needed. Sonax nanotechnology liquid wax is a breeze to remove, even in hot, humid climates.


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