Sonax Dashboard Cleaner Matte Finish - 500ml

Sonax dashboard cleaner is the universal cleaner and protectant for the inside of your vehicle. The easy spray-on emulsion formula gently and effectively cleans textured and soft matte finishes such as the dashboard and other synthetic interiors. Sonax dashboard cleaner leaves a low-glare, anti-static finish that complements any vehicle. 

Regular use of Sonax dashboard cleaner helps maintain and nourish all soft plastic interiors for a conditioned interior and long-lasting, like-new look. Once applied, the anti-static properties actually repel dust and dirt particles, providing a just-cleaned finish for weeks. Sticky, high gloss dash dressings can actually attract dust. Sonax dashboard cleaner keeps your dash dust-free! Your interior will not only look clean, it will smell clean. Sonax dashboard cleaner has a fresh scent. 

Sonax dashboard cleaner leaves a natural-looking finish on interior plastics, vinyl, and rubber. The non-silicone formula stays cleaner longer than conventional interior products. Instead of silicone, Sonax dashboard cleaner contains surface-safe ingredients created by Sonax to naturally enhance and condition the surface. 

Type: Cleaners

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