Reliable "Tandem Pro" 2000CV Steamer/Vac

Designed as a commercial cleaning dream machine, the Reliable Tandem Pro Steam and Vacuum Cleaner (2000CV) offers multi-use functionality for chemical-free cleaning and sanitizing. This machine works as a combination steam cleaner, steam extractor, and wet/dry vacuum that deodorizes and sanitizes most any surface. It features leading-edge technology designed for commercial cleaning and uses high-quality components and accessories that soar above industry standards. Its steam cleaning action kills germs and bacteria while steam extraction and suction remove dirt and debris effortlessly, leaving a virtually dry surface in minutes. Its heavy-duty construction is designed for commercial cleaning professionals, with rugged controls, powerful suction, easily attachable accessories, and smooth rolling casters.


  • Construction: Rugged cart design with stainless steel tank, housing, handrail, and supply basket
  • Accessories: Includes 25-piece deluxe accessory kit for versatile use on many surfaces
  • Detergent tank: 2L detergent tank for optional chemical-free detergent use
  • Quick heating: 5-minute heat up time creates steam fast
  • Adjustable pressure control: Pressure controls allow you to quickly adjust steam pressure for various surfaces, materials, and items
  • Tank capacities: This unit features both a 7L clean water capacity and 5L waste water tank capacity for extended cleaning requirements
  • Indicators: Light and sound indicator alerts user when water levels are low
  • Cord and hose: Includes 16’ electrical cord for extended reach and a 9.8’ steam hose
  • Pressure: Powerful 87 PSI operating pressure drives steam deep into surfaces for maximum sterilization and cleaning


  • 2L detergent tank
  • Powerful 87 PSI operating pressure
  • 5-minute heat up time
  • Adjustable pressure control
  • 5L wastewater capacity
  • 9' steam vacuum hose
  • Light and sound when water level is low



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