Meguiar's M105 Ultra Cut Compound - 1 Gal

Meguiar's Mirror Glaze M105 Ultra-Cut Compound is an ultra fast-cutting compound for rapid paint correction with minimal compounding swirls. Super-micro abrasives leave a "best in class" finish that requires very little finishing work. Remove your vehicle’s worst imperfections quickly with professional grade Meguiar's Mirror Glaze 105 Ultra-Cut Compound. DA Approved Version. 

The real benefit of Meguiar's Mirror Glaze 105 Ultra-Cut Compound is how fast it works! The super-micro abrasives cut quickly to remove 1200 grit sanding scratches, acid rain, and severe swirls and holograms. #105 Ultra-Cut Compound does work so quickly and with such small abrasives, it leaves a smooth, glossy finish. 

For professional detailers, Ultra-Cut Compound is a time-saver! Meguiar's Mirror Glaze #105 Ultra-Cut Compound is body shop safe, paintable, and contains no fillers. This safe VOC compliant formula can be used on all paint finishes, including scratch-resistant and conventional clear coats. 

Meguiar's Mirror Glaze 105 Ultra-Cut Compound should be applied with a polisher if you plan to compound the entire vehicle. Work at a maximum speed of 1500 to 2000 RPM on a rotary machine or about 3/4 speed setting on a D/A polisher.

For pad selection, we suggest the YELLOW or ORANGE Lake Country CCS pad. 

Work until the compound starts to dry. Wipe off the residue with a clean microfiber towel. If necessary, follow up with Meguiar's Mirror Glaze #205 Ultra Finishing Polish (with a WHITE pad) to completely restore the gloss.

Meguiar's Mirror Glaze #105 Ultra-Cut Compound can also be used by hand around door handles, spoilers, and anywhere else the polisher cannot be used. Use a foam or microfiber applicator pad and rub the compound on the desired area. Wipe off the residue with a clean microfiber.


  • Exclusive, super-micro abrasive technology
  • Ultra-fast cutting removes 1200 grit or finer sanding marks
  • Super-micro abrasives leave best in class finish
  • Also great for removing scratches, defects, acid rain and severe swirls/holograms

Type: Compounds

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