Interior & Exterior Detailing Brush Kit

6" Vent/Dash Detailing Brush - Soft bristles set in a ferrule. For quick removal of dust & debris from hard to clean seams in automobile dashboards, vents, radios & speakers.

7" Toothbrush Style Detailing Brush - White nylon bristles set in the plastic handle. Dual brush head works great to get in hard to clean areas such as door & dash seams.

"Iron" Style Carpet Brush - Crimped, white polypropylene bristles set in the durable plastic block.

17" Tampico Bristle Wheel Spoke Brush - Wood handle with natural Tampico bristles set in plastic coated wire that prevent scratching. Excellent for cleaning rims. Also works great as an engine cleaning brush to get in hard to reach areas.

Vinyl & Upholstery Cleaning Brush - Durable bristles provide hard scrubbing action. Excellent brush for cleaning vinyl.

Horsehair Leather Cleaning Brush - Horsehair bristles firmly set in foam block gently removes dirt & grime. A must for cleaning soft leathers & fine upholstery! Also works great on fabric tops!

8.5" Soft Green Bristle Polystyrene Brush - Flagged tipped bristles are resistant to acids and detergents. Soft bristles provide for gentle washing of any surface. Excellent brush for exterior washing of vehicle grills.

10" Firm Blue Bristle Polypropylene Brush - Crimped stiff Blue Polypropylene bristles provide extra scrubbing action & are highly resistant to acids, heat, chemicals & solvents. Great for tires and wheel wells.

Type: Brush Kits

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