Dr. Beasley's Plastic Sealant - 8oz

Most exterior plastic or composite is exposed to sunlight, which can dry it out, make it crack, and keep it looking dull. Plastic Sealant seals and restores these exterior areas back to their natural, supple state while preventing continued deterioration. Plastic sealant is specifically designed to extend the life of these surfaces while promoting a clean and healthy car.

  • Revitalizes and rejuvenates plastic, composite, and vinyl exterior surfaces
  • Safe and effective in extending the life of moldings, trim, and other plastic components
  • Nourishes and seals, preventing cracking from sunlight and age

Plastic Sealant is a thick formula designed to revitalize and protect the exterior plastic.surfaces of your car from UV rays and environmental effects. Perfect for moldings, trim, bumpers, door handles, and mirror housings, our special formulation is water repellent and detergent resistant so it can withstand numerous washes without being removed. This is not a simple plastic dressing used to cover up the problematic features of old plastic, but rather a nourishing agent for exterior plastic surfaces that seals in their natural beauty from harmful reactions. With Plastic Sealant, no longer will cracks, faded finishes, and dull looking surfaces plague your car on the road. So grab a bottle, try it out, and witness a noticeably healthier car with just one use

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