Dr. Beasley's Nano-Resin - 1 oz

Nano-Resin is a semi-permanent nano-coating designed to provide the longest lasting paint protection possible. It protects paintwork and leaves behind a mirror-like hydrophobic finish that beads liquids, resists contaminants, and dramatically improves scratch resistance. 
  • Protects for 2-3 years 
  • Increases scratch resistance and gloss 
  • Safe for any glossy surface 

What Makes This Product Unique? 

1.Provides a durable, hydrophobic barrier which will last 2-3 years. Once your vehicle has been coated with Nano-Resin it will be protected from marring, staining, UV damage, and damage from airborne contaminants. And not only will it protect the paint surface, but it will give the vehicle a hyper reflective gloss beyond anything a wax or sealant could provide. 

2. Many other coatings contain harsh chemicals which can be damaging to your health. You can tell just by smelling them. You'll notice that Nano-Resin doesn't have that same chemical smell that other coatings have. We've formulated a coating product without using harsh chemicals other coatings rely on, so you don't have to worry about your health or the environmental impact of the product you're using.

Best applied with Dr. Beasley's FOAM BLOCK APPLICATOR

Type: Coatings

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