Dr. Beasley's Metal Coat - 8oz

Metal Coat is a VOC Free protectant designed to shield metal surfaces from staining and etching. Perfect for everything from stainless steel appliances and hardware to chrome and aluminum trim. Metal Coats instant bonding formula allows for easy application and removal.

Despite its name, stainless steel can, and will, become stained without proper protection. Hard water spots, bleach, oxidation and all kinds of cooking contaminants can cause unsightly marks on this type of metal surface. And unfortunately, it's also rather scratch prone. So scrubbing out marks and contaminants can cause permanent damage to the surface. Luckily, we've developed Metal Coat, a non-abrasive, superhydrophobic coating that will prevent stainless steel sinks and appliances from staining and etching while making water and other liquids bead right off.

We originally developed Metal Coat for automotive trim and wheels, commonly made from plated chrome and aluminum. These surfaces are exposed to all sorts of exhaust marks, brake dust, acid rain, and environmental contaminants. Chrome, in particular, is notorious for developing water spots, and it's naturally high-gloss, the reflective finish will start to dull rather quickly. Once protected, however, those contaminants are much easier to remove and those chrome accents are super easy to clean and keep shining like new.

While home appliances and automotive trim are some of the more common uses for this coating it can be applied to absolutely any exposed metal surface. It bonds instantly, so there's no need to let it sit on the surface to cure; simply wipe on and remove immediately. And Metal Coat is completely VOC Free, so it won't give off a strong odor or harmful fumes. It is completely safe to use in the home around children and pets. From bike parts to bathroom fixtures, to cell phones, Metal Coat is the perfect way to keep all metal surfaces in and around your home and automobile looking perfect.

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