Dr. Beasley's Matte Paint Coating - 2oz

Matte Paint Coating is the first safe paint protection product on the market for matte paint finishes. It is not a wax and so will not “fill in” your matte paint. It simply leaves a molecule thick layer of protection on the paint surface so that your matte paint is never without protection. 

  • Liquid formula will not fill in matte paint like some paste formulas 
  • Lasts hundreds of washes. No need to apply often 
  • Leaves behind a uniform, flat sheen 
  • Perfect for Single Stage, Clear Coated, and Vinyl Wrap matte finishes
  • Foam Applicators NOT included with purchase of Matte Paint Coating

What Makes This Product Unique? 

Unlike other paint protectants, Matte Paint Sealant isn’t a paste, but a liquid. It utilizes advanced technologies to form a strong bond with the paint which is only a molecule in thickness. This is important because it allows all the tiny crevices and imperfections in your matte paint to remain; preserving the matte effect we all enjoy so much. 

Not only is Matte Paint Sealant safe for your matte paint, but it lasts for months longer than any other wax or sealant would anyway. The bond that it forms with the paint molecules is so strong that it will last for literally hundreds of car washes. You won’t have to reapply to your car for months, meaning you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your car is protected.



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