Dr. Beasley's Matte Paint Cleanser - 12oz

You can’t put detailing clay on a matte car, but the surface still needs to be prepped before applying a protectant. That’s where Matte Paint Cleanser comes in. Rid your paint surface of microscopic particles that hinder proper sealing, as well as stubborn debris left behind after washing.

  •  Easily removes grease and heavy soil 
  •  Prepares you car's surface for application of Matte Paint Coating
  •  Leaves no residue behind for a streak free, uniform look
  •  Safe for vinyl wraps too

What Makes This Product Unique? 

1. You may know about the benefits detailing clay can have when polishing and waxing a car, but you might not know that you cannot clay a car with a matte paint finish. Clay gets caught on the tiny ridges and crevices in matte paint and literally comes apart right on the paint surface. So how do you prep your beautiful matte paint for protection? The answer is Matte Paint Cleanser. Its unique formula removes anything which could potentially shorten the life of your Matte Paint Sealant. 

2. Another thing that matte Paint Cleanser excels at is spot cleaning, especially on heavily soiled areas such as wheel wells, and lower body panels. These areas tend to see more muck and dirt than other parts of the car and so sometimes need something a little stronger for proper cleaning. So if you’ve recently washed your car and notice some problem areas afterwards, feel at ease knowing that you’ve got Matte Paint Cleanser on hand. Matte Paint Cleanser can remove paint sealant, so if you use it on an area which has already been protected it’s a good idea to reapply Matte Paint Sealant. If you’re looking for something that does some light cleaning without removing sealant try out Matte Final Finish. And finally, as with all of our matte products, Matte Paint Cleanser is 100% safe to use on all matte paint surfaces, so you can clean your car without worry.

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