Dr. Beasley's Matte Final Finish - 12oz

Matte Final Finish is the matte finish cleaner. It removes light dust, fingerprints, bird droppings, and any other small messes you might need to take care of between washes. Its silicone free formula won’t leave your paint looking streaky or blotchy, so you’ll get an even, uniform look every single time. Buy today and keep your matte finish looking great.

  • PH balanced formula won't remove Matte Paint Coating or other paint protectants 
  • Perfect for removing light blemishes like dust, finger prints, or bird droppings
  • Safe for vinyl wraps too
  • Streak free formula means you'll see a uniform, clear surface after every use 

What Makes This Product Unique? 

1. You just got a brand new car with a sweet looking matte finish and a bird promptly craps on the hood. What to do? Most detailing sprays designed for this type of situation will actually damage matte paint. They are full of silicones and other ingredients intended to make your car shiny. These ingredients can fill in the tiny imperfections of matte paint and create a splotchy, uneven surface. Matte Final Finish contains none of these chemicals because it is designed to do light cleaning on your paint surface while maintaining an even, uniform look. So next time you need something to take care of an unfortunate accident on your flat paint finish, reach for Matte Final Finish. 

2. Matte Final Finish has a pH balanced formula, so it won’t strip protectants, including Matte Paint Sealant. It’s specifically designed to clean up dust, smudges, and other minor surface issues while leaving your paint protection intact. You’ll never have to worry about removing your paint sealant just because you want to wipe up a few fingerprints.


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