Dr. Beasley's Leather Cream - 1 gal

Leather Cream is a leather conditioner formulated to restore vital nutrients to your car’s leather surfaces. It safely nourishes leather seats, consoles, and dashboards to keep your leather looking newer for longer. This unique formula is made with lanolin and UV blockers to leave your leather looking supple and luxurious. Order Leather Cream today and never worry again about fading, dry, or cracked leather ever again. 
  • No Shine Formula leaves behind a non-greasy 
  • Contains UV Blockers to keep leather from fading 
  • Won’t attract dust, dirt, or other debris so once your leather is clean, it stays that way 

What Makes This Product Unique? 

1. For a long time we used big name brand leather conditioners in our detail shop in Chicago. We're always listening to our customers and seeking feedback, and we started to hear that they were looking for something a little different on their leather. The reason was that the products we were using were leaving leather shiny and greasy feeling. So we began to develop a product would successfully nourish leather surfaces while the leather retained a matte look and wasn't greasy feeling. This product became Leather Cream. Our customers needs had been answered, and we never used another leather conditioner again. 

2. One of the benefits of the matte finish that Leather Cream leaves behind is that it won’t attract dust and dirt, like other oily or greasy products might. This means less cleaning for you and less wear and tear on the leather surfaces in your car. New leather doesn’t have that shiny, greasy look, and neither should yours. Now you can have new looking leather years after you’ve purchased your car.

Type: Leather Care

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