Dr. Beasley's Headlight Coating Kit

Dr. Beasley's Headlight Coating Kit contains everything you need to safely, effectively, and permanently protect your headlights and other polycarbonates. Headlight Coating is a resin-based protective coating that's designed to protect headlights against yellowing, fading, and discoloration. And it's permanent! Once you use the kit, you don't need to worry about your headlights. This coating bonds at a molecular level with the headlight, and it cross-links to blanket the lens with a permanent, protective film. Once coated, headlights will retain perfect clarity in any environment. Use Dr. Beasley's Headlight Coating Kit on headlights, taillights, hard plastic trim, and any other polycarbonate surfaces.

Use Dr. Beasley's Advance Coat for headlight maintenance to optimize UV protection and hydrophilic properties.

Dr. Beasley's Headlight Coating Kit Includes:
1 Headlight Coating - 15 ml
1 Headlight Coating Prep - 15 ml
1 Coating Applicator
1 Microfiber Towel

This kit does NOT remove fogginess, fading, or yellowing of headlights. Instead, it prevents those things from occurring. This is a preventative maintenance kit.

Type: Coating Kits

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