Concours Wheel and Rim Detailing Brush

The Concours Wheel and Rim Detailing Brush is the perfect brush for deep cleaning wheels and other compact areas. All wheel parts require specialty cleaning tools that are different than those for paintwork and glass. Use the Chemical Guys Show Car Wheel & Rim Brush to gently scrub dirt and grime without harming sensitive wheel finishes. The extra-long 17’’ brush slips deep into alloy wheels and custom rims for a complete wheel cleaning detail. Clean mud, dirt, and brake dust from deep within the barrel of the wheel for a show car look. Easily agitate and remove brake dust, dirt, grease, and grime from OEM and custom aftermarket wheels and rims. Stick the Show Car Wheel & Rim Brush deep inside exhaust tips to remove heavy carbon buildup. Slip the Show Car Brush between intake manifold pipes and exhaust runners for thorough engine bay detailing. Choose the Show Car Wheel & Rim Brush for gentle cleaning deep inside hard to reach places.

Why Buy This Product? 

  • Soft nylon bristles
  • Chemical resistant
  • Great for wheels, engines and exhaust tips
  • Ergonomic grip handle
  • Cleans tight spaces
  • Great for motorcycles
  • Flexible design
  • Must have for truck and RV owners
  • Bristle length - 9 inches
  • Note: Red/Black pattern may vary


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