QP-ON 2.1 High End Cleanser & Coating - 100ml “ OUT OF STOCK”

QP-ON 2.1 is an End Cleanser and Coating Reparation formula. It serves to prepare the ground for other QP-ON products. To obtain a surface with high gloss and all the protective properties, a clean surface, free of grease and other elements is necessary. Most cleaning products will not go into the deep structure of the material and/or will damage the surface structure (because they are too aggressive or abrasive). 

QP-ON 2.1 will remove dirt and other particles – even if they are deep-seated in the pores – and create a clean surface. After this process, it is possible to apply QP-ON 2.0 or other QP-ON formulas to ensure a highly protective coating. If QP-ON 2.1 is used on a surface, which was previously coated with QP-ON coatings, then the formula will act as a repair solution. The fine net of QP-ON molecules can break or become damaged, due to usage and the environment. The application of QP-ON 2.1 will ensure, that any damage to the high-end coating will be repaired and preserved. Guaranteed to last for a long time (months to years).

Soft cleaner, without aggressive cleaning agents. Formula includes the ability to seal and protect. Solution is pH neutral, protects against UV-radiation, acid and alkaline solutions, salt water and fresh water (repellant) and organic elements. Doesn’t require the usage of masks or protective clothing. Tested in our Europe laboratories. Fulfills all norms and regulations for cleaning products in the EU.


  • Boats, Yachts, Jet-Skis, Catamarans, Surfboards, Sailing boats – Exterior and Interior
  • Cars - Alloy wheels, Windows, car body - paint
  • Trucks - Alloy wheels, Windows, truck body - paint
  • Motorcycles, Quad-Vehicles, Bicycles, Mountain bikes
  • Motorhomes and Caravans, Camping equipment
  • Planes, Bi-motors, Gliders and Sailplanes

Type: Coatings

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