Permanon Universal Cleaning PS Paste - 125g

The cleaning paste PS Universal is a real power pack for stubborn, crusted contaminations and dried in soilings on sensitive and durable surfaces.

A must-have for gentle deep cleansing. The PS Universal paste easily removes even the most stubborn dirt gently and intensively. Well suited for pre-treatment it is used as a pre-cleaner on surfaces to be protected leaving a pleasant fragrance. This universally applicable special cleaning agent from Permanon can handle severe organic soiling gently and down to the pores both indoors and outdoors. This product of Permanon can be ideally used as a pre-cleaner for cleaning heavy impurities in the whole line of Permanon, from Diamond, Aircraft, Pool & Spa over Boat and Yacht up to Car, Matt, and Solar.

Outstanding cleaning results on: 

  • high gloss coatings
  • synthetic leather
  • polished stainless steel
  • plastic and synthetic materials of all kinds except polycarbonate (can result in stress-induced cracking)
  • different kinds of metal
  • stone and tiles

The PS Universal paste is neither an abrasive nor harmful to the environment or human health. This universal cleaner optimizes in-depth cleaning in the way that it is biodegradable cleaning thoroughly and effectively.

The surface deeply cleaned into its capillary structure is now optimally prepared for the value-maintaining surface protection with Permanon Supershine products. This cleaning paste can be used for almost all materials with the exception of polycarbonate (can result in stress-induced cracking).

The PS Universal paste works against stubborn organic contamination, such as oil and fuel residues, grease deposits, silicon accumulations, algae infestation, verdigris, black rain streaks, mold deposits, mold stains, ink,  markers and graffiti, exhaust and soot build-up.

Quick and thorough cleaning made easy.

Depending on the degree of soiling give some PS Universal paste on a damp sponge with water rubbing it onto the heavily contaminated surface in a circular manner. Afterward, rinse with running water, or wipe the surface with a moist cloth.
All done! First, try out the product on a hidden part of the surface!

One 250g can PS Universal paste will be enough for a surface of about 125 m².

Type: Cleaners

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