PDS - Speedy Surface Prep Mini

PDS - Speedy Surface Prep Mini removes industrial pollutants, bonded contaminants, paint overspray and brake dust from the surface of automotive paint, glass,
moldings, fiberglass, and plastic.

SPEED - Quickly removes contaminants from the surface. Just spray your favorite showroom prep or clay lubricant on SPEEDY SURFACE PREP® and the surface, glide the SPEEDY SURFACE PREP® back and forth on the surface a few times then stop. Take a separate microfiber towel to wipe the residue from the surface - you are done.

EASY TO MAINTAIN - If dropped on the ground, simply rinse clean and continue using. Rinse SPEEDY SURFACE PREP® between uses.

NO MORE SHAPING & RE-SHAPING - Just fold and go

Type: Paint Prep

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