Dr. Beasley's Matte Wheel Cleanser - 12 oz

Formulated to clean, Matte Wheel Cleanser rids your wheels of dirt, debris and loose brake dust. Its non-dripping, thickening formula clings to the wheel's surface to effortlessly lift and dissolve grease, grime and dirt. For the best looking and healthiest wheels, Matte Wheel Cleanser can't be beat.
  • Specifically formulated for painted and powder coated matte wheels
  • Fights dust, dirt, and grease on wheels
  • Clings to surface for efficient cleaning and better results

What Makes This Product Unique?  

1. Like most of our products, Matte Wheel Cleanser was designed with a car's needs in mind. Wheels are often the dirtiest part of a car's appearance and can be the toughest to clean. With Matte Wheel Cleanser, we make it easy with our gel-based formula that clings to the wheel's surface. This added formulation extends the amount of time that the cleaner is on the wheel, allowing more cleaning action to take place with the chemical still there. 

2. Other products tend to run off and spill out onto the driveway, but Matte Wheel Cleanser's formula allows it to hold to the surface for spotless results every time. Because our top priority is proper car care, Matte Wheel Cleanser utilizes a significantly more pH balanced formula than its competitors. That means that with the same amount of cleaning power as the "other guys," this product is causing less harm to your wheels and is more conscious to delicate finishes. Matte Wheel Cleanser is readily biodegradable and a smart choice in prolonging the life of your car's wheels.

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