Chemical Guy Gearhead Motorcycle Cleaner & Degreaser for Drivechains and Engine Parts - 16oz

Chemical Guy Gearhead Motorcycle Cleaner & Degreaser for Drive chains and Engine Parts - 16oz

Why Buy This Product?

  • Cleans dust, dirt, sand, and grit out from chains and sprockets
  • Breaks down encrusted deposits and buildup
  • Removes old grease and oil
  • Saves chains from excess wear and tear
  • Cleans spilled oil, grease, fluids, and splatter from riding through messy puddles
  • Formulated for use on moving chain and sprocket parts, engines, transmissions, fairings, fenders, forks, and more
  • Essential for normal motorcycle maintenance

How It Works

Motorcycle chains endure tons of use, abuse, wear, and tear. Riding through busy streets, highways, and dirt trails pushes dust, grit, and sand into the moving parts of chains and sprockets. Missteps during regular maintenance and faulty seals cause oil leaks and other greasy messes all over engines and frame parts. Clean out excess filth and grime before it wears down drive chains with Chemical Guys Gearhead Cleaner & Degreaser. Spray Gearhead directly into chains and sprockets to break down and loosen old grease, oil, and abrasive grit. Motorcycle and offroad ATV chains must be cleaned and lubricated during schedule maintenance, after getting thoroughly wet riding through the rain, and after a full wash with soap and water. Gearhead Cleaner & Degreaser makes short work of chain maintenance, engine degreasing, and messes all over fairings and forks. Proper care helps ensure dependable and safe use for any street bike, sport bike, race bike, offroad dirt bike, ATV, quad, or other chain-driven vehicle.

Powerful Chain and Degreaser & Cleaner 

Gearhead Motorcycle Chain Cleaner & Degreaser is tough on grease, oil, grit, and grime. Simply spray Gearhead directly into motorcycle drive chains and onto gear sprockets to break down and remove stuck filth and abrasive grit that damage and wear chains over time. For intense stuck-on contamination, agitate filth with a stiff chain brush and purge any loosened debris with another spray of Gearhead Cleaner. Clean off motorcycle and ATV chains after running through rain, offroad mud and dirt, or as part of any regular scheduled maintenance regimen specified by the manufacturer. Gearhead Cleaner & Degreaser cuts through and dissolves tough grit and grime to save chains from excess wear and tear. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure: clean and maintain motorcycle and ATV chains to spend less time and money replacing them often and more time riding down the road.

Gentle On Motorcycle and Environment

Unlike low quality products, Gearhead Cleaner & Degreaser is acid-free, pH-balanced, and formulated to be safe for use around other motorcycle parts and the environment. Gearhead dissolves abrasive filth and grime before it can contribute to premature wear and tear on drive chains, sprockets, bearings, and other moving drivetrain parts. Clean thick mud, muck, and oily messes from engine parts, fenders, forks, and fairings splashed up from filthy puddles. The gentle formula is non-caustic, and will not stain, etch, or damage any plastic, metal, painted, carbon, or rubber motorcycle components. Clean filthy messes from motorcycle and offroad ATV parts anywhere, any time with Chemical Guys Gearhead Motorcycle Chain Cleaner & Degreaser.


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